[NetBehaviour] REFF, RomaEuropa FakeFactory: next step

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Wed Nov 17 15:37:33 CET 2010


REFF RomaEuropa FakeFactory is back.

A book is coming out in Italy (and an international version is
following soon, before the end of the year) together with the next
step in our action in favor of better innovation policies and
practices for arts and culture.

During these days Italy is living strange times, with a government
that is something that could easily be called a "soft dictatorship"
and an extensive crisis scenario across culture, imaginaries and

This is a peculiar day for Italy, as the governmental crisis began
just a few hours ago. And it is indeed a very strange crisis, as the
in-crisis government actually has loads of power (it managed to have
the crisis postponed by 14 days, to be able to create a few more laws
:)  ), and the possible alternatives do not really offer any real
difference to the currently running models.

This is a media dictatorship, as its power is based on 20+ years of
television and on the social changes it induced in the population.

And current culture and art policies reflect that. Totally.

This difficult scenario is what induced us in the first place when we
created REFF, RomaEuropa FakeFactory.

A quick-quick history:  in 2008 a big italian culture/arts institution
created an international competition that was really terrible in terms
of the supported cultural policies, of artists' rights and of
intellectual property issues. We, a group of artists and activists
together with 80+ partners all over the world (including NetBehaviour
:)  ) , created REFF, a fake institution and a competition just like
the "original" one, only supporting open, innovative practices and

The impact was so strong that REFF was invited at the Cultural
Commission of the Italian Senate. The original institution (the
Fondazione RomaEuropa) was forced to change its policies and to
transform its practices, becoming just like REFF :)

The action continued, as the original Fondazione became the focus of
several large operators' assault on the digital imaginaries of people
to create what they openly call the Digital Class.

This process saw the biggest italian telco operator (Telecom Italia)
invading practically every space in digital arts, leading to a
scenario in which even the absurd "Internet for Peace" campaign was
possible: a telco operator was becoming a major political force in all
the issues related to networks, digital innovation, intellectual
property and publishing, obtaining the support of more that 70
representatives in both the Parlament and the Senate.

We leveraged REFF, our shadow institution, and uncovered many of these
 opaque processes. Last one of which is the assault on digital
publishing industries: the market of ebooks and ebook readers is the
latest area of assault on italy's digital cultures scenario and on the
practices of free expression and self-determination.

This is why together with FakePress ( http://www.fakepress.it ) we
created this book.

Together with the book a software platform will be released (GPL2
license) allowing people to freely create ebooks, and enhanced books
featuring augmented reality, wide tagging,  and fruibility across
several devices.

The platform has been recently presented at Artissima
http://www.artissima.it/  with the help of the Piemonte ShareFestival
http://www.toshare.it  as an opportunity for publishing and expression
practices for the arts and culture.

Multiple events will follow in the next days and months.

Stay tuned, if you like.


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