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Newsletter 11.18.2010
Share Festival 2010 - The end of mistakes

Dear Share Festival friends,
thank you for there being so many of you! Over 10,000 people entered the Regional Museum of Natural Science between 15th October and 7th November, 2010.

This goes to show that the Share Festival is continuing to attract an ever wider audience of people interested in digital, generative and expressive art!

Music, theatre, exhibitions, multimedia, conferences and workshops coloured the traditional exhibits of the Science Museum.

The 6° Share Festival - Smart Mistakes took the audience by surprise this year, treating them to 30 artists, 35 conferences, 2 exhibitions, 1 special project, 5 performances and 25 exclusive events in six consecutive festival days and 3 warm-up days.

Thanks also to the Youth Museum programme of events, organised in partnership with Club To Club and Musica 90, with the co-operation of Prospettiva2 - Teatro Stabile di Torino, the Regional Museum of Natural Science and Your Time Torino European Youth Capital, we were able to really appreciate the strength and prove the value of organising events on-line as a team. The result was that lots of people came together to share a truly unique experience in Turin.

A lot of people have asked us why we chose mistakes as the guiding thread for this year's festival. 
The decision has to do with the fact that we see the festival as a sort of narrative, a story to be told. In every story, there is always a narrative expedient, a trigger that makes the plot unfold. And then there are always the good guys and the bad guys. In our case, the heroes are the artists, and the villains are the mistakes and hiccups they come face to face with along the creative process. 
Through their works, the artists tell the story of this encounter - with technological errors, biological mistakes or moments of serendipity - and how things pan out in the end. Some win, others are seduced and change sides, joining the forces of evil (such as glitch art), while others again stand firm and fight, bearing the bruises of battle.

Everyone found inspiration to be drawn. All our guests, artists and conference speakers stuck to the topic of Smart Mistakes with unwavering loyalty.

We hope that YOU too have be inspired, as mistakes mark the emergence of a problem, which calls for solutions, and it is solution that leads to innovation.

The time has also come to thank our guests and hear about what they - and you, friends of the Share Festival - found most intriguing at this year's festival.

We invite you to download the Smart Mistakes catalogue here, in PDF 
(http://www.toshare.it/press/SmartMistakes/Smart_Mistakes_ENG.zip )

and to give us your feedback on the Share Festival blog.

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