[NetBehaviour] Random Colour Entries of the World

James Morris jwm.art.net at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 10:46:03 CET 2010

I'm working a lot with a program that generates random palettes of
colour where a palette consists of 256 colour entries. Each entry
consists of the R, G, and B components. The program only allows you to
work with a range of colours such that you can say "I want (256 *
0.05) random R components, (256 * 0.08) random G components, and  (0.2
* 256) random B components" (specifying how many random entries
expressed as ratios of the total number of entries is one of this
program's many idiosyncrasies).

Taking the above example, means (roughly) generate 12 random numbers
to be used as Red components and spread them evenly across the 256
entries, then interpolate to fill in the remaining entries between
each of them. Do the same for the Green components, only use 20 random
numbers instead, and for the Blue components use 51 random numbers.

Attached are three examples of the colour palettes typically
generated. The filenames of the attachments indicate how many random
entries for each component are generated.

The question is, if there was a colour palette for the all the colours
in the world (I'd increase the number of entries in the palette to
16777216) and this palette was filled with all the colours of the
world... and one wanted derive from that colour palette a random
colour palette, what would one use as the random ratios for each of
the R, G, and B components?

: http://jwm-art.net/
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