[NetBehaviour] Libre Graphics Magazine #1 — "First Encounters. Taking Flight."

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Mon Nov 22 10:27:37 CET 2010


"The issue's theme is first experiences and taking flight which very 
nicely reflects the editorial team's own feelings. Apart from theme's 
articles #1 features stories on using free graphics software in 
education and two interviews: one with Fontmatrix's developer Pierre 
Marchand, and one with DejaVu's type designer Ben Laenen.
A spread

There is a commercial part of the project to discover. Having started 
with a Pledgie campaign to finance printing of the first issue for 
handing around at several upcoming art events, the editorial team 
quickly realized that the project needs a more solid business model. 
Thus the first issue is available in paper for quite reasonable money 
($12CAD, or a year's subscription). The campaign is however still on in 
case somebody wants to sponsor the project without directly buying a 

The work on magazine is open, all content is stored in Git repository at 
Gitorious. There are two PDFs to download: a lighter version for reading 
off display and a larger version for printing."

[Link has images and downloads.]

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