[NetBehaviour] Sculptor Gives a Hint For CIA's Kryptos.

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Mon Nov 22 11:20:52 CET 2010

what was the whole sentence? (I'm not registered with the New York Times)


On 22 November 2010 10:12, marc garrett <marc.garrett at furtherfield.org> wrote:
> Sculptor Gives a Hint For CIA's Kryptos.
> "The New York Times reports that Jim Sanborn, the sculptor who created
> the wavy metal pane called Kryptos that sits in front of the CIA in
> Langley, VA, has gotten tired of waiting for code-breakers to decode the
> last of the four messages. 'I assumed the code would be cracked in a
> fairly short time,' [Sanborn] said, adding that the intrusions on his
> life from people who think they have solved his fourth puzzle are more
> than he expected. So now, after 20 years, Mr. Sanborn is nudging the
> process along. He has provided The New York Times with the answers to
> six letters in the sculpture's final passage. The characters that are
> the 64th through 69th in the final series on the sculpture read NYPVTT.
> When deciphered, they read BERLIN." Slashdot.org
> more...
> http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/21/us/21code.html?_r=4&hp
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