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The key thing you need to know is that the AHRC only funds research (which
can include practice based work) undertaken by permanent employees of
recognised research institutions (Universities, other HEI's and some
national museums and research institutes). Artists cannot apply. For art
projects you go to your regional arts council.

What artists can do is develop something like a Fellowship proposal with
somebody who is employed in a University. These can be for up to 9 months.
They require the proposed fellow, who will be hosted by the institution, has
a PhD or experience equivalent to that (this is undefined but usually means
something like 6 years professional experience with a track record of
exhibitions, publications and conference presentations). An early career
fellowship allows those with less experience (but still of post-doc
standing) to apply for similar funds - but then these fellows have a mentor.

There use to be a Creative Arts Fellowship programme but that was
discontinued last year. Bummer. It was a brilliant programme and probably
the one you have been told about.



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> The other day someone told me about the AHRC and that they have grants
> for digital art. It struck me that this could be a solution to my
> problem of doing part-time jobs to make ends meet, which leaves me
> tired and without enough time for creative work.
> To get funding to concentrate on creative work sounds perfect. Or is
> it? Seems to me the funding gives you credibility as well as money.
> Here's the AHRC website:
> http://www.ahrc.ac.uk/FundingOpportunities/Pages/default.aspx
> Does anyone on this list have experience of doing this?
> Is it very difficult to get funding? Do you have to be very established?
> cheers, dave
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