[NetBehaviour] The first radiation porn star!

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> Subject: [NetBehaviour] The first radiation porn star!
> In 2006 I created a number of artworks exploring how states view their
> citizens in the post 9/11 climate. In OTerminal
> 4<http://www.rupture.co.uk/Terminal%204.html>¹,
> an A2 duratrans mounted on a light box, and OSelf Portrait using Backscatter
> Radiation <http://www.rupture.co.uk/Self_portrait.html>¹, a 78²x 48² Digital
> C-Type Print, I gained unique access to the images created by the
> controversial Rapiscan Secure 1000 security
> scanner<http://www.rapiscansystems.com/rapiscan-secure-1000.html>currently
> in use at Heathrow and across America.
> The Scanner creates security images of travellers through a process known as
> backscatter radiation, an image is produced by firing a low level of
> radiation at the traveller and analyzing the radiation that is bounced back.
> Radiation penetrates below the clothing and is reflected from the skin (or
> bones that are close to the surface) allowing a computer to generate an
> image of the bodies¹ surface.
> Since 2006 I have been inundated with requests to use the Terminal 4 image,
> particularly from campaigners against airport scanners in the USA and it has
> become one of the main image of the NATIONAL OPT-OUT
> DAY!<http://www.optoutday.com/>organised for Wednesday, November 24th
> 2010.
> However the popularity of the image with campaign groups has led to my
> images attracting a different audience.I have started receiving emails
> asking whether I can supply more backscatter radiation images and a google
> search brought up my image on the front cover of the dubious looking TSA
> Scans Magazine <http://www.tsascansmag.com/>.
> One email I received from a New York fetish club claims that my image is so
> popular with their members that they would be prepared to pay a decent price
> for more XXX-Radiation Porn! It seems that what started out as an esoteric
> artwork created in 2006 may have inadvertently turned me into the first
> radiation porn star!
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