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this is a fantastic book, which I unreservedly recommend. 
It really brings home the full range & depth of Millie's poetic work. It's also beautifully put together by Martha...

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Dear Friends--

Just a note to let you know that BlazeVox has put out a collection of 
Millie Niss's poetry -- City Bird: Selected Poems (1991-2009).

Edward Picot has commented on the book:

Millie Niss was probably best known as a blogger, video-maker and new 
media artist, but this collection – compiled by her mother and long-time 
collaborator, Martha Deed – demonstrates that she wrote poetry of great 
originality and inventiveness both before and during her new media 
career. She died in 2009, at the age of 36, and struggled with the 
effects of Behcet's disease for many years before that: yet the 
overwhelming impression left by this collection is one of vigour and 
high spirits. It's one of the few books of poetry I can call to mind 
without a dull page in it. It also consistently manages to combine 
experimentalism with entertainment. There is a wide range of styles – 
from mock-epic to prose poetry to picture poems – but Millie's 
personality suffuses them all: outspoken, politically radical, 
satirical, rude and funny; quirky, sometimes whimsical, sometimes wildly 
digressive; yet always down to earth and sharply observant.

And so has Regina Pinto, who was often Millie's collaborator:

I’ve known Millie Niss since 2001, and she was one of the most 
intelligent and interesting people I have ever met. I enjoyed the 
enthusiasm and seriousness with which she made poetry, and, in 
particular, electronic poetry. All of her work expresses her 
intelligence, deep sense of humor, and humanity. “City Bird” will make 
readers think and ask for more.

For further information, see Millie's page in the BlazeVox catalog:

or my post today, which includes some excerpts of Millie's writing, on 
the Sporkworld microblog:

City Bird is available from me, the publisher and amazon.com. Amazon 
(the U.S. version) is probably the easiest way to order for people 
living outside of the United States.

Martha Deed (who edited and designed the book)

The Lost Shoe

The Lost Shoe video

this is visual poetry by Millie Niss (27 March 2010 release)
this is visual poetry by Martha Deed (24 August 2010 release)

Heat and 500 Favourite Words (Released July 2010)

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