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Form+Code In Design, Art and Architecture.

Review by Rob Myers.

"A new introduction to art computing programming looks like it might 
become the standard work on the subject. What does it include, what does 
it exclude, and does it meet the high standards that it sets for itself?"

"Form+Code is an art computing programming primer. Rather than teaching 
any particular programming language it explains the technical and 
conceptual history of programming and its use in art. Starting with an 
introduction to the basic concepts of coding, instructions, form, and 
different ways of representing them (in sections titled "What Is Code?" 
and "Form And Computers"), it moves on to chapters covering "Repeat", 
"Transform", "Paramaterize", "Visualize" and "Simulate"."

Form+Code In Design, Art and Architecture
Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams, LUST
2010, Princeton Architectural Press
ISBN 9781568989372


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