[NetBehaviour] SIGGRAPH 2011 Juried Art Exhibition "Tracing Home"

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SIGGRAPH 2011 Juried Art Exhibition "Tracing Home"

Exhibition Dates/Place: August 7-11, 2011 -- Vancouver, BC Canada
Submission Deadline: January 14, 2011

In the era of networked technology, we appear to live in an integrated 
global community where human relations and perceptions are conceived 
through various manifestations of a non-physical world of connections. 
We collectively build and spontaneously find refuge in virtual 
communities whose inhabitants experience incongruity and fragmentation, 
along with conformity and wholeness. The interplay of physical and 
virtual within our lived experience opens up portals and wormholes 
enabling simultaneous and discontinuous realities at the touch of a 
button, echo of a voice, or nudge of a sensor. The new dynamics not only 
reconfigures our relations with ourselves and with one another, but most 
importantly, it reshapes our sense of identity, belonging, and place.

As the line between the virtual self and the physical self blurs, as our 
engagement with the world becomes less dependent on the physical space, 
and as we simultaneously reside in a multitude of deterritorialized 
ubiquitous places, what happens to our understanding of home?

The SIGGRAPH 2011 Art Gallery: Tracing Home, seeks exceptional digital 
and technologically mediated artworks that explore issues around the 
concept of home in the networked age. Explorations may include but are 
not limited to examining current functional, structural, cultural, 
emotional, or metaphorical definitions, or constructing new realities, 
experiences, and meanings.

All forms of digitally mediated art completed in the last two years are 
eligible for submission. International projects, multimedia 
installations, three-dimensional works, and kinetic, mobile, or 
interactive pieces are highly encouraged.

Works submitted to Tracing Home will be reviewed in a jury process, and 
the selected work will be exhibited at a gallery space at SIGGRAPH 2011. 
In addition, selected works will be published in a special issue of 
Leonardo, The Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences 
and Technology.

For more information and to apply please visit 

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