[NetBehaviour] Cariou vs. Prince: THE COPYRIGHT BUNGLE

mark cooley flawedart at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 3 16:04:28 CEST 2011

ah photographers. i've never met any other artists as protective of their (stolen) images as photographers are. I want to know if Cariou paid his subject at least for stealing HIS image. 
however, there is a labor issue hear - outside of the ownership of images. People should be compensated for their labor. In Prince's case there's some intellectual labor involved, probably not much hands on. a former painting professor of mine was pretty good friends with Prince. He told me a story about going with him to a junk yard to pick up some car hoods that Prince paid $50 or something for. He had the hoods repainted and then sold them for god knows how much - this was pretty much at the height of his fame - so hundred's of thousands of dollars i'm sure.  
as much as i like conceptual art and appropriation art it's difficult to avoid the issue of exploitation of labor in much of it. 

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