[NetBehaviour] "Open Source Culture"

Aymeric Mansoux am-netbehaviour at kuri.mu
Mon Apr 4 21:19:41 CEST 2011

Rob Myers said :
> On 03/04/11 09:17, Aymeric Mansoux wrote:
> >
> > @rob: "Open Source culture / Free Culture tends to get mixed up with
> > appropriation art, collaborative art and other ideas". Can you point to
> > a text that develop this specifically,
> Well there's my essay at the end of FLOSS+Art, the expanded "Open Source
> Art Again". :-)

Oh? ;)

> > or maybe elaborate a bit?
> I mean it in two senses:
> Firstly, artists tend to use philosophical and political ideas more as
> inspiration or metaphors than as rigorous and binding definitions. If an
> artist says that they're working in an Open Source way or they are
> inspired by Free Software, they may just be intending to collaborate
> with people or appropriate work in ways that don't fit the Open Source
> Definition or the Free Software Definition.
> So in this way the ideas tend to get mixed up as they are not used
> accurately, and so their meaning drifts into other areas.
> There's nothing wrong with that, artists must be free to work creatively
> with concepts. It can be frustrating when people are *almost* there but
> are using a non-free licence or saying that they are sharing or freeing
> work when they are obviously not, though.


> Secondly, artists who are interested in Open Source or Free Culture tend
> to be also interested in more general ideas of collaboration,
> appropriation, and free speech. When they talk or write about what Free
> and Open culture mean to them, they tend to also talk about
> appropriation, collaboration, anti-censorship and other vitally
> important ideas.


> So in this way the ideas tend to get mixed up as people have wider
> interests and don't single out Free and Open culture as a single topic
> of discussion.

OK, this is all clear.

But what I was more thinking of is in the case where people have a
fairly good understanding of Free Culture, would you say it is possible,
desirable, or even a necessity, to make a distinction between the
technical and legal infrastructure that allow Free Culture, its usage
and what is produced? And why?


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