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hello there!

On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 12:39 PM, Aymeric Mansoux <am-netbehaviour at kuri.mu>wrote:

> Looks like you're reading my mind, as my question was driven by a
> broader interest in the way art and politics are being mixed up, and of
> course remixed, for the best and the worst in copyleft art.
> I'm starting a PhD at Goldsmiths that is quite focussed on this issue and
> my approach is to see the license as if it was an art manifesto. I am
> doing so in order to "reverse engineer" the artistic intention behind
> copyleft art and see why, how and under which circumstances it can or
> cannot work.
well it sounds like you *need* to get in touch with REFF, our fake cultural
institution! :)

(for those of you who still don't know: http://www.romaeuropa.org )

arts and politics have and always will be mixed up. Unless you think that
the iconographies found in paintings of all times are not about power,
authority, taxes, court struggles etcetera

now it is the time of knowledge and information and, thus, the struggle is
on kowledge and information.
and let's add to that a generalized fear for the future of the planet.

Hence:  art will deal with these issues.

for example we decided to directly confront these issues, trying to learn
from surrealism, dada, netart and the whole of postmodernity. A performative
action in which poetics and politics mix and mash seemed (and still seems)
like a wonderful choice.

and: after "interaction" came into art, art changed. As, tendencially,
art-after-interaction sees the possibility that the artwork be not a tool
for personal expression of the artist, but an
environment/tool/strategy/methodology in which many people can express
themselves. And this is a political act (and cultural, and activist, and, of
course, aesthetic and poetic). It is about "enabling" or "activating":
imaginaries as well as actions.

this is why, for example (but there are loads of them, luckily, around the
net and the art world), we decided to make an "institution" as an artwork. A
liberating fake (fake as a tool to create new reals) institution that does
just this: create a brand, open source it, and use it to activate and enact
processes. It is emblematic how everything starts from a struggle on
"intellectual property", it goes on by addressing the idea of "remixing the
world to reinvent reality", and ends up (and continues) by creating an
institution whose main job is to "create a youth program on the issues of
the methodological reinvention of reality through the practices of fake,
remix, mash-up, re-enactment, recontextualization" and to promote an
"augmented reality drug" which is actually a free software platform that
anyone can use to enact their own processes of fake and remix/reinvention of
the world. :)

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