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Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Wed Apr 6 22:14:39 CEST 2011

On 06/04/11 12:10, xDxD.vs.xDxD wrote:
> this is why, for example (but there are loads of them, luckily, around
> the net and the art world), we decided to make an "institution" as an
> artwork. A liberating fake (fake as a tool to create new reals)
> institution that does just this: create a brand, open source it, and use
> it to activate and enact processes. It is emblematic how everything
> starts from a struggle on "intellectual property", it goes on by
> addressing the idea of "remixing the world to reinvent reality", and
> ends up (and continues) by creating an institution whose main job is to
> "create a youth program on the issues of the methodological reinvention
> of reality through the practices of fake, remix, mash-up, re-enactment,
> recontextualization" and to promote an "augmented reality drug" which is
> actually a free software platform that anyone can use to enact their own
> processes of fake and remix/reinvention of the world. :)

One point of tension between the idea of Open Source and the realisation
of the project is that the licence of the REFF book is a non-commercial
one and so doesn't fit the Open Source Definition (OSD).

Although I disagree with this *ideologically*, with my art critic's hat
on I do see how this is part of the complex way that this stack of ideas
is used aesthetically and politically in your work.

I think my favourite example of this is using Augmented reality both as
a point-your-camera-at-the-marker superimposition of the virtual onto
the real using technology, and as -er- a superimposition of the virtual
onto the real using fake brands and coloured liquids.

What exactly was that I drank at the private view at Furtherfield? ;-)

- Rob.

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