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Where: Room 12, St Werbughs (Community) Centre, Horley Road, Bristol BS2 
9TJ, United Kingdom

When: 6 pm Wednesday 27 April 2011
Cost: 1 organic egg

Calling all victims of harassment, trans-national workers and lovers, 
sufferers of negative equity, paranoid conspiracy theorists, undercover 
police, deep cover activists and get rich quick chancers !

The key to survival and even prosperity in uncertain times is the 
ability to make changes. Sometimes though, changing your profession, 
hometown or even your mind may not be enough - a new identity may be 

In the United Kingdom it is not only possible, but also lawful to change 
your name. Little known though, is that it is also lawful to create 
yourself a totally new identity, completely separate from anything you 
may have had before, on condition that it is not used for illegal purposes.

The new identity workshop will explain how this is possible and offer 
step-by-step guidance to constructing a new lawful British national 
identity for individual use or for exchange with others, with or without 

For further information contact:

heath at irational.org

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