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Sun Apr 10 13:07:45 CEST 2011

Hi !
You might be interested to partake in the making of the WATERWHEEL project:
see practical info in second part of email

the WATERWHEEL project revolves around water as a topic and metaphor.
It is an online collaborative space where you can interact, share, perform
and debate about water with people around the world or just next door!

It includes:

WATERWHEEL ­ an interactive website that gives you the power to collaborate,
explore ideas, research and gather feedback by uploading and sharing media
about water: images, video, music, text or sound.

TAP ­ an online venue for events, collaborations and performances,
accessible by   audiences and crews with just a click, no download needed,
and   cost-free. Crew members from any location can interact with audiences
in real time using webcams, media from WATERWHEEL and drawing tools.
Audience can participate online through a chat facility or directly with
crew members on site.

FOUNTAINS - outcomes that well up from the project
 that anyone can
initiate, triggered by interactions on WATERWHEEL. A FOUNTAIN can be a book,
a performance, an exhibition, a community project, a multi-generational
exchange, a concert or an installation festival - let your imagination steer
the way. FOUNTAINS are mapped out on the website, so you can see what
WATERWHEEL is powering.

     a FOUNTAIN, installation performance developed through residencies
     in Brisbane (Australia), will be testing the WATERWHEEL & the TAP from
15 Feb.
     Documentation of the process is on the blog
     inspirational info on facebook group

After 1st residency/lab in Feb/March, here is the timeline of the project,
so you can let me know if you wish to be involved and when.

- 27-29 April & 3-6May
If you want to participate, please check and tick the sessions on this
doodle: http://doodle.com/dmy55ncrqt9bxqay
Remember to change the poll to your timezone, then check the times you are
available. If there are none, please email me suggested times
This second lab will happen on the TAP with acces only to webcams, so we can
be only 6 participants as there are only possibility of having 6 webcams at
any one time. Very exciting: there are functions that I never saw before:
webcams images can be dragged, resized, flipped vertically and horizontally,
as well as rotated!

- June: UPLOAD on waterwheel
- July 4-16: THIRD LAB on the TAP
I will be in Brussels then and happy to organise a venue if you want to join
me (and possibly accommodation as well) ­ let me know asap.
The first version of the TAP should be finished, and there will be access to
media from waterwheel + drawing tool and chat for audience and performers.
A group of 6 artists/thinkers/researchers will be watching the latest
sessions to give us feedback and responses about process(es), platform,
- 22 August: LAUNCH of the entire WATERWHEEL platform with waterwheel
interface showing the latest 40 uploads in its rotating and rippling rings &
the fountains map. CELEBRATION!
- 20-22 October: RESIDENCY & SHOWINGS with critical forum of peers
- 3-5 November: Possibility of online showings for 3rd International
Symposium on Aqua Science, Water Resources and the Arts
- 7-10 December: RESIDENCY & SHOWINGS with proximal audience in Brisbane
(and maybe also in another location? suggestions welcome!) and critical
forum of peers

Looking forward to hearing from you

3/27 Waverley St - Annerley  (Brisbane) QLD  4103 - Australia
skype: suzonfuks
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