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Mon Apr 11 10:12:51 CEST 2011

U.K.I. live performance LIVE CODE LIVE SPAM (70:00) At L.P.M. 2011

OPEN CALL for NOISE sound artists to join UKI live performance at 
Videntity (curated by Francesco Macarone Palmieri aka Warbear), of LPM, 
Live Performance Meeting (Location: Nuovo Cinema Aquila // ROMA - Date: 
third week end Of May- Day: Tba)

U.K.I. live performance invites local (Rome/Italy) and LPM participants 
of noise sound /free software genre to join us on a LIVE CODE LIVE SPAM 
viral trip!!! As a sequel to Shu Lea Cheang's cyberpunk cult movie 
I.K.U. , the replicants of U.K.I. trades sex for codes, code sexing code 
in noise blast out, a virus is born and multiplied to eventually infect 
a city! This 70 minute non-stop hyper-jam session is joined by Martin 
Howse (sound scheme / grand mix) and Diana Pornoterrorista (vocal).

We ask noise sound artists to plug in with own laptops/devices!!
We aim for orgasmic high as we set Rome under UKI viral attack!!

Live Performers Meeting 2011, Rome

Videntity at LPM

uki live performance - credits/synopsis/tech rider

viral patch performance excerpts (5:00)

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