[NetBehaviour] Regeneration: Open Call

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Mon Apr 11 10:21:08 CEST 2011

“Cities bear some similarity with other complex biological systems that 
are sustained by resource distribution networks, such as the circulatory 
or vascular systems. But there also are fundamental differences that 
make cities uniquely human: social interactions and the concentration of 
economic and cultural activities in larger cities lead to an 
acceleration of time – and greater rates of innovation.” Santa Fe Institute

Northern Lights is pleased to announce a collaboration with the New York 
Hall of Science to present ReGeneration, a summer-long exhibition 
debuting in 2012 with related programming in and around NYSCI. In total, 
ReGeneration will engage 14 artists or artist groups in creating and 
presenting work that explores the connection of cultural vitality to 
immigration, urbanization, and sustainability through the intersection 
of art, technology and science.

A number of the projects to be presented will be selected on the basis 
of an open call and juried by Anne Barlow, Art in General; Steve Dietz, 
Northern Lights; Larissa Harris, Queens Museum of Art; David Harvey, 
American Museum of Natural History; Jennifer McGregor, Wave Hill; Amanda 
Parkes, NYU + Columbia; and Eric Siegel, NYSCI.

The deadline for the ReGeneration open call is May 2, 2011. More 
information about the call and exhibition here 
http://northernlights.createsend1.com/t/r/l/jytihut/l/o/ and here 

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