[NetBehaviour] New augmented reality app unleashes your inner artist.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Mon Apr 11 11:13:23 CEST 2011

One hopes a technology as potentially cool as augmented reality (AR) 
will not just belong to advertisers seeking to influence our decisions, 
or the police in need of ever better ways of tracking us. A new AR 
iPhone app shows one way the technology might go: it could turn the 
world into a massive user generated virtual art gallery.

Artists in recent years have embraced AR, creating everything from 
hyper-real storybooks, to clever ways of removing annoying corporate 
logos from your surroundings. These projects typically require a good 
deal of technical skill, though, before one can create anything interesting.

Konstruct, a new free iPhone app from London-based AR-developer James 
Alliban, makes creating virtual sculptures as easy as speaking into the 
phone. The app uses an existing vision tracking system in combination 
with a printable marker -- a piece of paper with a specific pattern that 
the software recognizes. You put the marker wherever you want the 
sculpture to exist, start the app, then speak into your phone's 
microphone to create 3D objects in the scene. There are different 
settings for color schemes and shapes. As long as the marker is 
onscreen, the app allows the user to keep refining the sculpture.


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