[NetBehaviour] Limited Edition Email Art Gift to NetBehavior Subscribers Only!

chillspike chillspike at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 14:31:56 CEST 2011

My gift to NetBehavior Subscribers only.

This and all forth coming art pieces that I will be posting in the
NetBehavior mailing list will be my bold solution to the problem of email
art. In the past, email art (as well as all digital art) has been regarded
with less value due to how easily such art could be copied, reproduced and
distributed in virtually endless numbers. No more! The concept of tying a
piece of email art to its recipient's unique email address, a concept which
I originated, ensures that no matter how many times a piece of email art is
copied, forwarded or even stolen, its uniqueness and authenticity can be
verified against a recipient's email address. As the artist, I always know
what email addresses my art goes to by viewing my "sent" folder where all
recipient's email addresses are permanently recorded. Therefore, all
original and legitimate releases of my works can be confirmed by checking
with me. If your email address is in my sent folder, you have an original.
In addition, all my pieces will be sent from the same email address, *
chillspike at gmail.com*. A piece of mine sent from any other email address
should be considered an unauthorized copy and worthless in terms of resale
value. Oh yes, my email art images can be collected and resold just as you
would any museum piece. Your email inbox is my art gallery. Please reserve a
clean and special section for my work. To transfer ownership of your
original piece, you simply contact me from the same email address and I will
conduct and record a transfer.

And so this is my first gift to NetBehavior subscribers employing this
radical new concept in email art. However many NetBehavior subscribers
receive this piece in their email will be the number of releases to which it
is limited.

                                                        *bottle of sake*


I have just opened a blog <http://emailartrevolution.blogspot.com/> devoted
to my email art revolution. I will soon be adding all the pieces I will be
posting in the NetBehavior mailing list as well as posting other pieces for
sale on a one-by-one basis for serious collectors of experimental art.

*A little more about your acquisition:*

Title : Bottle of Sake
*Dimensions :* 320px × 480px

*File size:* 381.97 KB PNG format

I have determined my digital images view best in any of Gmail's black
background themes. Look under "settings" then "Themes" to set your Gmail
account to a black background. A black background really makes my images
stand out. Makes a stunning iPod or iPhone background!

This is *email art* and is therefore to be stored and viewed digitally, as a
cherished piece kept neatly tucked away within ones email account. You can
print this sketch on canvas or any other medium but the value and legal
title is reserved for the *email version of the work only*.

*Certificate of Authenticity:*

I, the artist, hereby certify that this digital image - *bottle of sake* -
was issued to NetBehavior subscribers and sent to the email address *
netbehaviour at netbehaviour.org <syndicate62 at yahoo.com>* from my email address
(see email "to/from" details) and that all recipients are recognized by me
as the official owners of an original piece by me.

*Further information:*
Your e-mail address will be permanently added to my records so if you wish
to resell this image its uniqueness and authenticity can be verified.

All future transfers or resales must be confirmed by me, the artist, and
documented in my records in order to be considered valid. This ensures the
impossibility of forgeries. If you fail to inform me before or anytime after
a transfer the exchange will not be recognized and you will remain the
documented owner of the image. If you accidentally delete this image we will
issue you an identical new one at no extra charge, however we strongly
suggest that you remain on guard against accidental deletion since the date
of delivery (recorded at the top of the e-mail) can effect and be an
indication of your e-mail's value.

Many may be able to copy this email painting but only you, through your
unique emails address, are confirmed and recognized by the artist as the
sole purchaser and owner of this image.

I hope this email art is a joy to you for many years to come!

Email Art Revolution Blog: http://emailartrevolution.blogspot.com/
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