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> In late 2009 the exhibition 'Radical Autonomy' took place in the
> contemporary art center Le Grand Café in St-Nazaire. The curator was
> Arno van Roosmalen, director of Stroom Den Haag. The group exhibition
> formed an intuitive and improvised composition of contemporary art based
> on the discovery and / or the manifestation of the phenomenon of
> perception. In collaboration with Le Grand Café and Stroom Den Haag,
> Netwerk presents a sequel to this exhibition.
> Netwerk / center for contemporary art: RADICAL AUTONOMY
> More and more art is supposed to serve a (art)theoretical or a political
> discourse, to cause an effect, to 'do something'. 'Radical Autonomy'
> counters this tendency by showing that art is capable proposing an
> alternative and possibly better society, precisely because of its
> autonomous position. The participating artists share a conceptual
> approach and a minimalist design, while influenced by conceptual art,
> Fluxus and Zero. Their works are a radically autonomous: they are
> intimate, condensed, referring to themselves and force the beholder to
> focus.
> Karla Black / Etienne Chambaud / Edith Dekyndt / Simon Dybbroe Møller /
> Sean Edwards / Ryan Gander / Mark Geffriaud / gerlach en koop / Ane
> Mette Hol / Benoit Maire / Navid Nuur / Gabor Ösz / Mark Pimlott / Gert
> Robijns / Joëlle Tuerlinckx
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