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Simon Biggs simon at littlepig.org.uk
Tue Apr 12 12:03:31 CEST 2011

I don't remember any issues with if statements. Operator precedence is not
an issue if the math is correctly formatted and brackets used appropriately.
Better safe than sorry, as they say. There use to be issues with display
commands (bit depths - but no longer relevant) and there are still
differences with off-screen logical bitmap operations but this is well



On 12/04/2011 10:21, "Rob Myers" <rob at robmyers.org> wrote:

> On 12/04/11 10:13, Simon Biggs wrote:
>> Lingo works across platforms. Sometimes there are some minor differences
>> (eg: referencing external files as OS conventions vary) but this is trivial.
>> You can test the OS at app startup and then run the appropriate syntax from
>> there.
> One of the logical operators used to have different precedence on Mac &
> PC, didn't it? I'm sure I remember creative use of brackets to ensure
> that if statements worked OK cross platform...
> - Rob.
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