[NetBehaviour] Current, An Experiment in Collecting Digital Art; Downloadable work.

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Tue Apr 12 12:06:55 CEST 2011

Hi Rob
you could well be right -in my programming innocence of 2001/2 I wouldn't have been able to allow for this (in fact that innocence remains pretty intact to this day) - but if Macromedia didn't take account of that in Lingo itself then they shouldn't have claimed that work using the shockwave plug-in was cross platform when it clearly wasn't...
PS on a related note -given that Adobe seems to have consigned Director to the outer regions of software limbo it would be lovely if it was all made available for those of you who know what you're doing to develop...

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> On 12/04/11 10:13, Simon Biggs
> wrote:
> > Lingo works across platforms. Sometimes there are some
> minor differences
> > (eg: referencing external files as OS conventions
> vary) but this is trivial.
> > You can test the OS at app startup and then run the
> appropriate syntax from
> > there.
> One of the logical operators used to have different
> precedence on Mac &
> PC, didn't it? I'm sure I remember creative use of brackets
> to ensure
> that if statements worked OK cross platform...
> - Rob.
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