[NetBehaviour] mind freeze re: net art and craft

Ursula Endlicher info at ursenal.net
Tue Apr 12 20:27:32 CEST 2011

Hi Catherine,

Just have a couple of more related links here that might interest you:

Devorah Sperber's "Thread Spool Works" - well known (iconic) images,
translated into pixels and re-cast into thread spools:

Well, and some self promotion here ;-)
My "Website Wigs" - the hyperlink structure of Websites is braided into
the hair of Wigs, portraying websites such as Google.com, Microsoft.com,

All best,

> Hi.  I'm rounding up things at the intersection of text and textile, and
> there's a lot of net.art I've seen with embroidery, and making nets, and
> even knitted machines?  I think -- but I have completely forgotten names
> and
> urls for this
> sooo... cool stuff at the intersection of new media, old media
> (particularly
> fabric and decoration methods) and text... help!
> Thanks,
> Catherine
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