[NetBehaviour] GE Returns Billions to Public... NOT

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Wed Apr 13 19:01:40 CEST 2011

USA Today, AP fall for US Uncut ploy; GE stock loses billions


Washington, DC - US Uncut, a burgeoning grassroots movement pressuring 
corporate tax cheats to pay their fair share, posted today a fake GE 
press release announcing that they would return their illegitimate (but 
legal) $3.2 billion tax refund, and that they would lobby to close the 
sort of corporate tax loopholes that had allowed them to skip taxes in 
the first place. Several major media outlets, including USA Today, ran 
the story as true. (Here is a link to the original USA Today story; here 
is the first article debunking the release.)

US Uncut quickly reacted with another release pretending to praise GE 
for this entirely unpredictable, unlikely, and in fact impossible act.

"This action showed us how the world could work," said US Uncut 
spokesperson Carl Gibson. "For a brief moment people believed that the 
biggest corporate tax dodger had a change of heart and actually did the 
right thing. But the only way anything like this is really going to 
happen is if we change the laws that allow corporate tax avoidance in 
the first place."

For more information, please visit http://USuncut.org
For time & locations of all the upcoming actions: 

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