[NetBehaviour] Idle Days

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Apr 13 20:41:04 CEST 2011

Idle Days


Of stuttering or lapsing into what I call idle conversation, relating man-
ipulation; released, they result in idle chatter dominated by prebody in
idle conversation's midst, cliffs and peaks of some dark yellowed form of
folds, eccentric spaces, idle conversation, fractality. The form of the
Word, and by "yammering," I mean idle chatter, hrrrumphs, hmmmm, all
these: scuz sewage guano gum gumbo gunk idle linger shriek sibilate! scuz
sewage guano gum gumbo gunk idle linger shriek sibilate!!! But actually
what I have to say is not mere idle speculation!

And bound to follow it, that's why it's not the Word - and by "yammering,"
I mean	User     tty       login@  idle   JCPU   PCPU  - What?!
Are there no idle conversations? She continues in a state of denial!

What turned her off is idle time, remission, server disconnects around her
bed. The sores turned her soul bitter; why is there no idle thought in the
book of thinking, that realm of fictitious heated passion? These aren't
idle questions; they pertain to the heart of dreams, more than idle

Generations and genealogies, but the small-talk, the idle talk - it's
speculation's stand, proof of the existence of the idle mind. These are
questions at the heart of the encounter, of withdrawn vigilence. The
question itself is drawn forth, speech is an idle squawk - after menses or
semen, the body's randomly flickering in idle chatter. Idly asked, these
aren't idle questions.

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