[NetBehaviour] marc & ruth on holiday...

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sat Apr 16 10:54:54 CEST 2011

Hi Rob,

Much Thanks.

This will be a precious period of time to think about various things, 
which includes writing, walking & and whiskey drinking.

And of course, dodging wild ponies...

 >Igloo's Summerbranch captures it scarily well. :-)

Yes, I'll have to see that piece again.

wishing you well.


 > On 15/04/11 19:34, Ruth Catlow wrote:
 >> Hee Renee!
 >> That conjured up a hilarious picture in my mind of those NBers who I
 >> have met before sitting on little ponies (they have little ponies in the
 >> New Forest)
 > Can the ponies have lasers fitted?
 > Err I mean yes that sounds delightful.
 > Enjoy your holiday! I've went to the New Forest many times on holiday as
 > a child, Igloo's Summerbranch captures it scarily well. :-)
 > - Rob.
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