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Dave what happens when you invert your description?

I am an illustrator, I don't draw to express myself? etc ...

On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 11:28 AM, dave miller <dave.miller.uk at gmail.com>wrote:

> I've been inspired by looking at Annie Abraham's website, i really
> admire how she defines what she does:
> "I am not a performer, I use performance to do research.
> I am not a researcher, I use research in my performance pieces.
> I am a performer who uses research as a medium.
> I am a performer researching encounters."
> 03 2011 Annie Abrahams.
> I can see how she's split this into 2 parts - "I am not" and "I am" ...
> Personally, I'm generally confused about what I do, with my art, where
> I want to take it, so I've had a go at defining my "art" using Annie's
> technique:
> I am not an illustrator, I draw to express myself
> I am not a storyteller, I use stories to communicate
> I am not a programmer, I use technology as a medium
> I am not a journalist, I am interested in news, history, politics
> I am not an activist, I campaign for justice
> OK - so far so good - but I'm stuck on the "I am" bit! I know what I'm
> not, but cant say what I am.
> Any thought's?
> Dave
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