[NetBehaviour] Visualising the netbehaviour neighbours - and the neighbourhood

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Thu Apr 28 17:03:13 CEST 2011

Dear all,
I'm trying to visualise different online networks. Considering online
networks as neigbourhoods where people congregate around
ideology/interests/beliefs rather than through physical proximity,
netbehaviour easily becomes a neighbourhood.
I'm in this neighbourhood ­ I like it. I have met a few of you in real life,
but mostly know you just by name (and sometimes surprised by how knowing by
name make me believe I know in person). The truth is, I don't know most of
my online neighbours, I can¹t put a face to the name.

So, in an attempt to visualise the neighbourhood -  I'm collecting video
portraits from those I know, and those I connect to but don't yet know. I
will share the accumulated neighbourhood portrait  online.

I¹m extending the invitation to all. So, if you want to be part of it - will
you send me a video portrait of yourself? 15-20 seconds. Using this
excellent picture as a guide

(main point: plain background, make sure lighting is good, keep camera
still, look into camera).
YOU DON²T NEED TO LOOK SERIOUS - YOU CAN SMILE, and you can be a little
creative, sit down, head in hand, etc.
If you want to be in, but not in, turn your back to the camera, make a video
portrait of your chair, your desk, your window...

For online purposes final size will probably be 640x so phone camera should
be fine. I can convert most formats.

Email to me at this address or, if file is more than 10mb, use yousendit
https://www.yousendit.com/ or similar.

I¹ll love to have you in the neighbourhood!
(billions of alternatives for visualising the neighbourhood does exist so if
you have something to say, tell me)


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