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Hi Annie,
Fair enough.
I¹m an artist (etc) - the etc is something I considered adding to my ³title²
the other day as I was trying to explain what it is I do ­ across media,
practices, teaching, participatory projects, museums workshops ­ all somehow
part of me being an artist, or done in a particular way because I am an
artist, or to make money. Sometimes I get confused, I¹m often spread too

I used to work with net-art, but now mostly drawing, animation, video.
However, networks, netart/new media, technology (used for good and bad)
continues to interests me, so, I¹m here ­ mostly lurking, on the
netbehaviour list (as well as empyre) trying to keep up, stay informed, as
much as I can. 

At the moment I¹m publishing a book on Repetition while also doing an online
residency with rules and regs http://www.rulesandregs.org/digital11.html
(spread thinly indeed, but not complaining). The latter has imposed rules on
me, which is interesting and difficult, forcing me to reconsider my practice
(I guess this is why residencies are good, and why mixing with those that
don¹t do exactly as you, is good as well!). So to follow the rules, ³love
thy neighbour² is one, I am trying to find out who my neighbours are. The
way I know how to do this, is to look ­ and listen. Hence the request for
video portraits ­ it may be a big ask? What do you think?

 (For someone who feels most comfortable being anonymous, I sure said a lot!

All best

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Hello Marianne, please tell me a bit more about who you are first.

On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 5:03 PM, list|marianne <list at criticalm.org> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm trying to visualise different online networks. Considering online networks
> as neigbourhoods where people congregate around ideology/interests/beliefs
> rather than through physical proximity, netbehaviour easily becomes a
> neighbourhood. 
> I'm in this neighbourhood ­ I like it. I have met a few of you in real life,
> but mostly know you just by name (and sometimes surprised by how knowing by
> name make me believe I know in person). The truth is, I don't know most of my
> online neighbours, I can¹t put a face to the name.
> So, in an attempt to visualise the neighbourhood -  I'm collecting video
> portraits from those I know, and those I connect to but don't yet know. I will
> share the accumulated neighbourhood portrait  online.
> I¹m extending the invitation to all. So, if you want to be part of it - will
> you send me a video portrait of yourself? 15-20 seconds. Using this excellent
> picture as a guide
> (main point: plain background, make sure lighting is good, keep camera still,
> look into camera).
> YOU DON²T NEED TO LOOK SERIOUS - YOU CAN SMILE, and you can be a little
> creative, sit down, head in hand, etc.
> If you want to be in, but not in, turn your back to the camera, make a video
> portrait of your chair, your desk, your window...
> For online purposes final size will probably be 640x so phone camera should be
> fine. I can convert most formats.
> Email to me at this address or, if file is more than 10mb, use yousendit
> https://www.yousendit.com/ or similar.
> I¹ll love to have you in the neighbourhood!
> (billions of alternatives for visualising the neighbourhood does exist so if
> you have something to say, tell me)
> Best 
> Marianne
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