[NetBehaviour] defining myself and meeting appointments in 1831

wendy keenan keenan.wendy at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 29 12:54:24 CEST 2011

ok.  thought i would try this too . . .

I am not an artist, though they crowd my layers of skin; eyes, ears, tongue,
nose whorld re:view anewing
i am an artist, hacked skin, freckled windows on layerings' exfoliations
whirlds my species, more, deep
I am not an activist, i dove into the scrum of activism policrafting waves
of social possibility with others
i am an activist,  the eyes of my skin crying out the smell of bitter
I am an environmentalist pushing environmentalism to pull future past into
present past future
i am not an environmentalist as i am failing to change anything . . .
I am not a researcher, i have threads for research rods warping and weaving
i am a researcher, such small limited senses searching impossibly diverse
worlds translation
to perform while here

i am not a story teller.
failing feet?
. . .  thinking about the future and past dancing together 2011:1831 (this
is as good as i could come up with)
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