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Fri Apr 29 15:23:28 CEST 2011

hi everyone,
May is shaping up to be a busy month for UpStage: as well as announcing 
the shows selected for this year's festival, there will be a 
performance, several presentations, and the ongoing development of the 

Plus, the UpStage User Manual has now been transferred to FLOSS Manuals, 
an online repository of open source software manuals. It is, as always, 
a work-in-progress; you can read and contribute to it here: 

*111111 Selection Announcement Event, 11 May*

The performances selected for the 111111 UpStage Festival will be 
announced at a live event in UpStage 
<http://upstage.org.nz/blog/?p=2298> on 11 May 2011, 10am Europe, 8pm NZ 
-- find your local time here <http://tinyurl.com/5vke89r>.

The announcement will be followed by live cybersets from guest CJs Dan 
Untitled & Miljana Peric -- regular UpStagers known for their skills in 
spinning cyber-sounds. Join the artists and organisers of the festival 
in celebrating the beginning of the build-up to 111111, the 5th UpStage 

The event will take place on the 111111 stage 
<http://upstage.org.nz:8084/stages/111111> (click to enter).

*Performance: Cyberian Chalk Circle, 14 May*

Etheatre presents */Cyberian Chalk Circle/* ...

an interactive cyberformance ... an online game ... a political chat 
room ...

Sit comfortable in your desk chair, your sofa, your bed or even your 
local café and follow our game while you are updating your TWITTER, 
chatting on your SKYPE, spying your friends on FACEBOOK, or just 
searching something on GOOGLE ...

Performer: Evi Stamatiou
Director: Christina Papagiannouli

05:00 pm 14/May/2011 (UK local time).
Please click here to find your local time 
and click here to enter the stage 

*Presentations: UK, Austria, Italy*

UpStage will be used to give a remote presentation at the symposium 
Documenting Performance: Exploring the Problems 
<http://www.c4ckp.org/documentation.html> on Saturday 7 May. Francesco 
Buonaiuto, Helen Varley Jamieson and Vicki Smith will give a 
performative presentation addressing issues around documentation of 
cyberformance -- simultaneously demonstrating and discussing the 
materials, methods and problems (naturally, it will be documented for 
those who are not present at the symposium).

LiWoLi <http://liwoli.at/> is an annual gathering for artists, 
developers and educators using and creating FLOSS (free/libre open 
source software) and Open Hardware in the artistic and cultural context, 
held in Linz, Austria. This year it's happening 12-14 May and Helen will 
give a presentation entitled "Performing Open Source 
<http://liwoli.at/programm/2011/performing-open-source>" on Friday 13th. 
Her presentation will explore the artist-developer relationship in 
artist-led open source software projects, drawing on her own personal 
experience with UpStage.

Two presentations at the Live Performers Meeting 
<http://www.liveperformersmeeting.net/> (Rome, 19-22 May) will feature 
UpStage: on Friday 20th Paula Crutchlow (online from the UK) and Helen 
Varley Jamieson will give a presentation about their networked 
performance make-shift <http://www.make-shift.net/>, which uses UpStage 
in conjunction with streaming audio & video and live performance; and on 
Saturday 21st Helen will give a talk about cyberformance and online 
tools for live performance. She will demonstrate UpStage and Visitors' 
Studio <http://www.visitorsstudio.org/>, and discuss other platforms.


Martin Eisenbarth is busy with his research project "DownStage", 
developing a prototype for an updated rebuild of UpStage in a way that 
is more extensible and open for contributions from other open source 
developers. You can follow his progress on his wiki, 
https://projects.foobarlab.net/projects/downstage, and join the UpStage 
developers' mailing list 
<https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/upstage-list> if you want 
to get involved in this and other development.


looking forward to seeing you in UpStage in May,

helen : )


helen varley jamieson: creative catalyst
helen at creative-catalyst.com

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