[NetBehaviour] Visualising the neighbours

list|marianne list at criticalm.org
Sat Apr 30 15:57:34 CEST 2011

I am honoured some of you have sent me a video portrait of yourself.
(I've put a few here, more to follow
http://www.criticalm.org/projects/digitalrr/files/neighbours.html ). It is,
so far, a small but nice neighbourhood - I'll continue to work on it and
there's still room for more of you if you want to be in!

I've done this a few times before - asking people to contribute to what I
do. I think I know many of the reasons for why people generously participate
and the reasons why they do not, but am curious about other's experiences of
calling/asking for work - or fragments of work. Especially when there's no
payment involved, or no opportunities for exhibition, etc.

I do feel it's a big ask, asking others for time, work, this and that - and
I don't find it easy to ask. For this one, perhaps there's a way I could
return the favour? Do something in return?

I'll continue to work on it. Any thoughts are welcome.

All best

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