[NetBehaviour] Alchemy at SlackSpace 20/04 - 07/05

Seth Guy sbrignell at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 19 00:42:08 CEST 2011

Dear All,
I trust this finds you well? :) Sorry for any cross postings.
Just to let you know that video of my readymade sound installation Earshot (2010) will be shown as part of Alchemy from Wed 20th April until Sat 7th May at SlackSpace, Queen St, Colchester. The show also features works of a readymade, found or recycled nature from the following artists:
Charlotte Pratt, Chris Jenkins, Debbie Hadley, Ellen Devall, Jean Akam, Joanne Hummel, Lisa Temple-Cox, Paula MacGregor, Susan Brindley, Vin Harrop, Lisa Gorrod, and Sioux Jordan.
I will be there at the closing party Saturday 7th May should any of you fancy a meet/chat. There is also a Janes Walk event happening that weekend. PDF with info attached! More info here:
AND...just a reminder that my new field recording and voice work Time Piece is now online as part of Good Morning Sunshine at Stramash Space. Check it out at: 
Have a great week and a lovely Easter!
Seth Guy
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