[NetBehaviour] Robots and Avatars - our colleagues and playmates of the future

Ghislaine Boddington ghislaine at bodydataspace.net
Thu Aug 4 14:08:36 CEST 2011

Robots and Avatars - our colleagues and playmates of the future

Call for Development Commissions and Call for Exhibits

Robots and Avatars will present two Development Commissions and  
additionally a minimum of six existing works as an Exhibition in 2012.  
Lead producer and concept developer is body>data>space and commissions  
partner is National Theatre in London. The exhibition tours to partner  
FACT, Liverpool (UK), and to co-organisers AltArt, Cluj-Napoca  
(Romania) and KIBLA (Slovenia- as part of Maribor 2012, European  
Capital of Culture).

Robots and Avatars is an intercultural, intergenerational and  
interdisciplinary exploration of a near future world consisting of  
collaborations between robots, avatars, virtual worlds, telepresence  
and real time presence within creative places, work spaces, cultural  
environments, interactive entertainment and play space.

Artists/designers/technologists and others from any background can  
apply. We welcome applications from installations, performances,  
performance / installations, telepresence, sound art, software,  
kinetic art, architecture, AV based work, hung work, gaming, models,  
robotics, virtual worlds etc - your vision will lead us!

Stage 1 Deadline: Wednesday 7th September 2011 (12 BST)

Find out more: http://www.robotsandavatars.net/events/call-for-proposals/

Ghislaine Boddington
Creative Director, body>data>space
Research Associate Artist, ResCen Middlesex University

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