[NetBehaviour] Kenneth Goldsmith talks to Nadja Romain on Tank.

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Sun Aug 7 11:56:43 CEST 2011

Kenneth Goldsmith talks to Nadja Romain on Tank.

Kenneth Goldsmith is a poet and critic, and the founder and driving 
force behind the cult online archive Ubuweb.com. Ubuweb offers an 
entirely curated collection of sounds, texts and videos from Dada to 
Fluxus by way of the Vienna Actionists and the Situationists, with 
thousand of hours of material by Andy Warhol, John Cage, Yayoi Kusama, 
Marina Abramovic, William Burroughs, Laurie Anderson, Roland Barthes, 
Merce Cunningham and many more. Ubuweb has been called the WikiLeaks of 
the avant-garde; over a Skype conversation with Tank’s Nadja Romain, 
Goldsmith tells us why.


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