[NetBehaviour] We have our own concept of Time and Motion.

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Tue Aug 16 20:25:08 CEST 2011

Auto Italia in collaboration with Federico Campagna, Huw Lemmey, Michael 
Oswell and Charlie Woolley present We have own concept of Time and 
Motion: a four day event devoted to the idea and practice of 

Featuring a temporary bookshop run by the new cooperative organisation 
Book Bloc, archival material selected by participating artists and 
commissioned furniture by Charlie Woolley, the exhibition space will 
become a base for the production of new work and ideas. Through a series 
of events this project will investigate pre-conceived ideas of 
self-organisation and the role of gender politics within this. The 
project will examine models of organisation especially from the position 
of an artist-run space and how this fits within a neo-liberal framework 
and is potentially complicit in the growing precarity of all labour. The 
project title references the fourth issue of the publication Class War, 
which controversially introduced Autonomist ideas to the London 
anarchist scene in the mid 1980s.

Events will feature a wide variety of artists, activists, writers, 
designers and academics who are part of a growing network engaged in 
self-organisation and self-publishing. Speakers include Franco ‘Bifo’ 
Berardi, Nina Wakeford, Mark Fisher, the Free Association and the 
Alliance of Radical Publishers plus more to be confirmed.

Workshops and panel discussions will be held throughout the event by 
Auto Italia, Book Bloc and the Deterritorial Support Group, along with 
daily podcasts recorded and distributed online. A new publication will 
be produced outlining the live programme along with interviews and 
discussions from international organisations with an additional 
supplement made during the course of the project in the exhibition space 
by Michael Oswell.

We have our own idea of Time and Motion comes from a network of artists 
who have formed around Auto Italia and its programme and is a product of 
artists finding affinity with each others’ projects, ideas and 
aspirations. It draws on the intangible expertise, knowledge and network 
which Auto Italia is a part of and will produce new information that can 
develop a wider narrative for the future of grass-roots projects and 
artist-led organisation.

Auto Italia is an artist-run project space based in South East London. 
It provides a framework for developing alternative and new approaches to 
practice and exhibition formats, co-producing new work directly with 
emerging artists.

A timetable will be released shortly with a detailed schedule and full 
list of participants.


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