[NetBehaviour] Glitch/ed Art Mapping a FB Conversation part II by Rosa Menkman, Curt Cloniger, Angela Genusa, Gabriel Menotti, Agam Andreas, Phillip David Stearns From:

Andreas Maria Jacobs ajaco at xs4all.nl
Wed Aug 17 00:03:32 CEST 2011

Rosa Menkman histogram in the kunsthal (sorry i got stuck there) is there
a link to this? very interesting..
About "glitch art is a lie" - I am also not very interested in this
statement, because glitch art does still move me, open doors, generate new
forms makes me think new things. To me, its more interesting to focus on
this and on the ways society incorporates these forms on a later note,
sooner of faster.
Glitch art is not just corrupted, glitchs not dead. And on that note i am
going to wear the GLI.TC/H 20111 official festival shirts the whole
festival long!
T-Shirt by UCNV
as a respons on my GLITCHs not Dead hoody request in the Vernacular of
File Formats ucnv.github.com/aviglitch/ Morning glory!
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Curt Cloninger Some thoughts regarding language: In a couple of
significant places online, I tag/title "glitch" as "gltch" (because
everything must be glitched in all ways at all scales). Several
glitch-centric tumblrs also mangle (or L33+sp34k) their ascii text(s). So
gltched language (or the absence of language altogether) eludes (or at
least skews) these graphs. These graphs trust language to function as an
objective ontological tool for the labeling of materials/events. But of
course language itself may be approached as a material/event (and glitched
accordingly). How might one glitch a link? Massive bit.ly re-directs?
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Curt Cloninger ‎@Phillip David Stearns - re: virilio (at least in
terms of his observation that speed radically alters qualitative affect
when it crosses a certain threshold), perhaps check
http://lab404.com/glitch/ . I don't directly quote him, but he is kind of
in there twice removed.
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Rosa Menkman HEY Curt Cloninger, nice question, how to glitch a link, or
how to link a glitch. on a side note, your website (lab404) actually
showed up in all graphs - which is not so surprising because the
startingpoints are (mostly) dependent on how the bookmarkers spell it, not
on how you spell glitch ... but just to mention here ..
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Curt Cloninger Hi Rosa. lab404 is purple and small with arrows pointing
away, so that means I'm linking out, but no one is linking to me, right?
(Or am I reading it wrong?) This is my favorite: http://bit.ly/n1incb
(scroll down to figure 2). I am the center of the universe [of Warren
Sack's software]. I only know about that figure because it appears in the
second edition of Christiane Paul's "Digital Art" book, and some students
showed it to me. Otherwise, an ascii search would have never revealed it.
(Is an image of a name no longer a name?)
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Curt Cloninger grr. now the facebook autoforward link in conjunction with
the bit.ly autoforward link in conjunction with the printer friendly
version of the web page is forcing a gif download. A wild glitched link.
How about this:
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Rosa Menkman you are being linked-in at least twice to be in the graph,
but as I remember correctly your node had some issues that i did not
completely understand - something made it appear twice, once as
http://lab... and once as http://www. .. the softwares I used are
completely new and developed by friends/people i know so it still a bit
buggy so i had to do some hand-editing - which meant delete one of the
nodes. Besides this, it can also be that you got a link in from a website
in the network, that was itself to small to get in the map.
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Rosa Menkman that second link just makes me print.. : ) funny.
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Rosa Menkman but i saw it btw. - cool! I am also really interested it
mapping artists. it just feel wrong and I like the experience of doing
something like this that feels so wrong and makes me think so much ..
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Curt Cloninger definitely. modernist reductivism is aesthetically cool as
crap (Latour talks about it in terms of a proliferation of hybrids). It's
why those Edward Tufte books are so pretty to look at, but he is such a
blowhard. The statisticians aren't accomplishing what they believe they
are accomplishing, but they are accomplishing something curious and
uncanny unawares.
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w: http://nictoglobe.com
w: http://burgerwaanzin.nl
w: http://nictoglobe.com/new/agam

e: ajaco at xs4all.nl
e: a.andreas at nictoglobe.com

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