[NetBehaviour] Remixthebook: Everything, all at once.

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Remixthebook: Everything, all at once.

Mark Hancock reviews Remixthebook by artist, author Mark Amerika and 
co-curator and artist Rick Silva, consisting of over 25 contributing 
international artists, poets, and critical theorists, all of them 
interdisciplinary in their own practice-based research, who sample from 
remixthebook and manipulate the selected source material through their 
own artistic and theoretical filters.

"Amerika explores various precedents for the remixological concept and 
draws on some known practitioners from the past: amongst them, Allen 
Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin. He explores existing 
ideas and welds them into his own armoury. Their ideas considered as 
part of his own creative practice, brought back to the 'now' with new 
life, in our contemporary networked culture." Hancock.



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