[NetBehaviour] 23 Secs Ov Time Vol. 3 released 23rd August

Seth Guy sbrignell at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Aug 22 21:01:51 CEST 2011

Dear All,

I trust this finds you well? 
Just a quick email about a new loud work of mine W (Onomatopoeia for Georges 
Perec) that features on a compilation CD and download of spoken word work to be 
released tomorrow. More info below.


Seth Guy


Twenty Three Seconds Ov Time Vol. 3

A collection of 23 second spoken word tracks submitted by members and allies of 
AIN23 and the 23rd Current for an Autonomous exploration into the Cut Up Method, 
from 10 countries worldwide...!

Featuring works from:

Fred Gianelli, Frequency 527, Skull Capped, CFreq73, Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, 
Sir Bear Trapper, Subversive Intentions, Ethnomite Pux, Murmurists, Gothick, 
Anton Mobin, Frequency 435, The Implicit Order, Frequency 452, Instagon, Trans 
Atlantic Rage, Balogh, Frequency 402, Alex Ischenkau, Phog Masheen, Sara Santos, 
Cabrini Green, Death Pact International, Ploof, Food Fortunata, Frequency 443, 
Lob, Frequency 383, Ashkai, Coyote 397, Asmodeus X, Rev. Andy Warthog, Seth Guy, 
Scott Ferry, Andrew Quitter, Yoshiwara 3, C437, Adam Cooper-Teran, Kim Cascone 
feat. Ben Guiver, Soror zsd23, Asquare Tree, Liver Cancer, G. Murray Thomas, 
SeB, Ichneumon Fly, Dolores Zombory, The Uncondemning Monk, Tiq Front, Musical 
Palsey, Peek, Guss, Signal To Noise Ratio, Paltarius, Charles Ardinger, Y Lu, 
Tony Wakeford, Frequency 440, Matt Deterior, and Frequency 139.

Released 23RD AUGUST as FREE MP3 download or as a limited CD (123 copies), 
featuring bonus mixes and material, individual tracks and artwork etc, available 
at the modest price of $6. For more info on this volume and previous volumes, 
and to download, and/or order CD's, please go to:


Official artist website:

Fancy some peace and quiet? Check my blog:

Want FREE sonic materials? Use SARS:

Want to hear some audio works? Check:

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