[NetBehaviour] The Art of Hacking Exhibition

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Thu Aug 25 14:49:15 CEST 2011

The Art of Hacking Exhibition

September 10th - 12th of November 2011
Opening: 9th of September.

‘The art of Hacking’ focuses on the artistic side of hacking. The 
artists in this exhibition highlight the imperfections of our 
surroundings and daily lives. The projects subvert, improve on or 
circumnavigate ‘official’ systems and practices and offer alternatives. 
Superficially, hacking is often associated with spreading online viruses 
and other digital attacks. Officially these criminal activities are not 
really known as hacking, but as ‘cracking’. The real practice of hacking 
is done based on far more positive and artistic motives. It’s a state of 
mind and there are elaborate ethical codes within the hacker community.

In short creative hacking combines artists’ technical skills with the 
optimism to solve problems and the urge to overcome artistic 
limitations. The basis for these works lies in a technical, online 
methodology that spreads into the physical world through the tangibility 
of the artworks.

With works by: Heath Bunting, Harmen de Hoop, moddr_, Cornelia 
Sollfrank, The Yes Men, ÜBERMORGEN.COM and Nancy Mauro-Flude/Mez 
Breeze/Sara Platon.


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