[NetBehaviour] Call for participants, commissioned artworks/art writings/essays for book on Repetition

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Hope this will be of interest to some of you -  Practice, theory, life all
equally welcome.
Best wishes

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Call for participants, commissioned artworks/art writings/essays for book on

100 THINGS NOT WORTH REPEATING - THE SURVEY will produce a publication of
survey responses contextualised by commissioned essays, art writings and art
As a result, it is now calling for:

If you wish to participate, with the possibility for having your response
included in the publication, simply enter a thing [act or action] that is
not worth repeating to the survey here:
There is no fee to submit, you can submit more than once, and you can elect
to remain anonymous.

Artwork/Art Writing/Essay Commissions
The publication is seeking to commission up to six art works/art
writings/essays on the theme of 'Repetition' from within diverse media,
disciplines and/or lived experiences. Examples that concerns themselves with
'When Repetition Proves Futile' are particular welcome.

If you wish to submit art and/or text work(s) for consideration please
request a copy  of the art/writing brief by ticking the appropriate box at
the end of the survey as you submit, here:
http://www.criticalm.org/repetition/survey.php (To receive the brief you
must first submit to the survey so that you are aware of the context in
which your work may appear)
There is no fee to submit and a publication fee of £250.00 will be paid for
selected works and texts.

More information on the project:

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