[NetBehaviour] LEA Conversation on Contemporary Digital Identities

Simon Biggs simon at littlepig.org.uk
Sat Feb 5 14:51:37 CET 2011

I don't want to say anything against Frieder Nake, but I thought sexist
language like this had gone the way of the dinosaur. "Founding fathers". Not
only is this gender exclusionist but it also misrepresents history. There
were "founding mothers" as well, some of whom were better artists than Nake
(eg: in my opinion Vera Molnar did the best work with computers amongst the
first generation of practitioners).

Why can't the language of this announcement be both less sexist and more
concise - just say "founders"?

I am astounded.



On 04/02/2011 16:51, "Lanfranco Aceti"
<leonardo.electronic.almanac at gmail.com> wrote:

> Frieder Nake belongs to the founding fathers of (digital) computer
> art.

Simon Biggs
simon at littlepig.org.uk

s.biggs at eca.ac.uk

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