[NetBehaviour] How a Library Saved My Life.

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Feb 7 09:44:23 CET 2011

Tried to leave a message on the blog, but ended up with a missed mussed 
mess of circuitious passwords. I forwarded this to a number of people; 
there are crises, plural, with libraries here - Queens County for example, 
which apparently was voted the best library system in the US by the 
American Library Association, has had to stop buying books altogether 
because they've run out of money. Arts, libraries, etc. aren't supported 
in the US for the most part; you either make a lot of money in the market, 
or collapse, or somehow persevere. Libraries are open less and less - our 
local one isn't open on the weekends at all for example, which is a huge 
loss to the community. In some places, the homeless use them for shelter 
and bathroom - there aren't many places for them to go - and more 
traditional users stay away. A lot of libraries ironically are becoming 
nothing more than computer centers for people who need access and have no 
other way of getting it. That's all to the good, but the books again 
suffer as a result. And then libraries are just closing, period; in Aurora 
Colorado, for example (where Azure's parents live), a number of branches 
have shut down.

You mention Murdoch; given his destruction here and elsewhere, I think he 
might be the most dangerous man around.

- Alan

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