[NetBehaviour] How a Library Saved My Life

Edward Picot edward at edwardpicot.com
Mon Feb 7 17:16:57 CET 2011

Marc -

That's a great post.

I do think, however, that you can also get a sense of being in a 
learning community through online participation - I can remember my own 
sense of excitement and encouragement when I first started to join 
communities like WebArtery and TrAce online about ten years ago, and 
found that there were all sorts of other people out there interested in 
the same stuff I was just discovering myself. Furtherfield itself is now 
an enormously important resource in this respect.

We'd better hope that this is the case, anyhow, because the library 
system is going to be decimated for sure in the next few years. One 
theme which keeps emerging strongly from a whole sequence of recent 
posts is the extent to which we are now re-living the experiences of the 
1970s. It's not just the cutbacks, which Labour would have made as well: 
it's the extent to which the Tories are using the cutbacks as an excuse 
to dismantle the welfare state. What's happening in the NHS at the 
moment is really alarming. I keep hoping that an issue is going to come 
along which will split the coalition and thereby force a general 
election, but maybe it's not going to happen.

- Edward

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