[NetBehaviour] Seed Drawings

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Wed Feb 9 13:48:08 CET 2011

More Amazon MTurk art:


"The project called Seed Drawings is an experiment on visual emergent 
algorithms (think Cellular Automata, L-systems, swarming, ant colony 
optimization, and the like), but then applied to the online labor 
marketplace Amazon Mechanical Turk. Each Seed Drawing is an aggregate of 
many smaller drawings, all produced as copies of one another."

I think there's more to say about this kind of project than, as the blog 
post above puts it: "Next to some beautiful graphics, the project also 
shows how some people really do not like to do like they were told..." .

When I reviewed "The Sheep Market" I found that its stated aims of 
ethical inquiry (which I didn't read about before reviewing the project) 
came through in the finished work very clearly:


But the interaction of machine intelligence and clickworking portrayed 
by Seed Drawing does need to be made visible and considered. And there 
is such a thing as seed capital...

- Rob.

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