[NetBehaviour] The alienated networked artist

Andreas Maria Jacobs ajaco at xs4all.nl
Wed Feb 9 19:35:42 CET 2011

Dear James

Thanks for your personal and long comments

Makes me feel less lonely

Appreciating your sense of humour! and respecting your courage

As for the saviour, I used to deny my wish for this but currently I am  
changing my feelings as it appears more natural and more honest ( to  
myself) to accept my own wish, probably has to do with circumstances  
and age. At least we all becoming Job, -from the Book of Job-, after  
being jobless ; - )

Andreas Maria Jacobs

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On 9 Feb 2011, at 16:34, James Morris <jwm.art.net at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 8 February 2011 23:50, Andreas Maria Jacobs <ajaco at xs4all.nl>  
> wrote:
>> Hi again
>> How 'networked' is the alienated artist
> this networked (itlps) artist is alienated.
>> A harsh silence, preferable to stupid words
>> I sincerely like to share, but when it is not related to techno-
>> fetishism it is most of the time ignored and my feeling of despair is
>> growing
> Not sure if I am guilty or not though I can say I don't have a fetish
> for the latest 'must-have' gadgets - I can't afford to. Sorry no harsh
> silence here, only stupid words, but...
> As a teenager I used to desire fast cars such as Ferraris but over the
> years I realized people like me don't have Ferraris which eventually
> led to the realization I couldn't give a shit what car I drive as long
> as it agrees to perform the function of transportation from A to B.
> The power-steering pump on my current car has gone wrong and now makes
> a nasty grinding noise. I was initially worried until consulting my
> father for his opinion which was that I will always be able to guide
> my car around corners even if the steering pump fails. So that's all
> that matters.
> It's kinda the same with technology. I'm into Linux because of the
> freedom and very low initial cost of ownership. I find that being
> someone with not a lot of money, I want to have some degree of control
> over the technology I do buy. With the computer running Linux I have
> control over it. I can install software which doesn't waste CPU cycles
> looking like a design student has just wanked all over it. I don't
> care if my software looks shit as long as it functions. Such an
> attitude leads one inevitably to the command line where there are
>> I do not to intend to exagerate but having the impression that  
>> content
>> issues are snowing under and that form and context is taking over
>> Networked art will not exist when the network is as fragile as a veil
>> spun by spiders and broken by the slightished breeze
>> Is netbehaviour is becoming a privileged platform for the same
>> incestuous incrowd as always is the case when concepts are mistaken
>> for art?
> i've forced my way in here, to begin with under the illusion it would
> make me an artist.
>> Empty colorfull containers are the main output  of empty colorfull
>> people
> Ah, now, I can disprove this. As I have mentioned before, I work in a
> plastics moulding factory.  You wouldn't believe how many buckets must
> be made day in day out. It would be mind blowing if it wasn't so mind
> numbing.
> Now, again, now, colourful buckets are usually the result of a
> material colour-change (ie one job ends another starts). Ie, the
> moulding machine has been making green buckets, but now has started on
> a job making blue buckets. Between the acceptable buckets is a range
> of funky buckets. How funky they are depends on if the colour material
> was stopped and the machine carried on with the colourless-material.
> Personally i see a market for them but the company just regrinds them
> (recycles) (apparently).
> But it's still boring as hell. Today I was making buckets fucking fuck
> bucket bastard buckets and the future looks bleak indeed. Total list
> of positives about my job 1) i'm not shovelling shit. 2) i have a job.
> 3) i can listen to music on headphones. The other day I was listening
> to some music I'd not listened to for a long time (ie most of my music
> collection) and it blew my head away such that I felt like I wasn't
> really at work but was just playing. The feeling of being at play
> ended when I cut my thumb with the knife that was supposed to be
> trimming flash from buckets.
> Ah yes, yes, yes, today I was again feeling my future is bleak, full
> of jobs where I stand for 8 hours a day, and am paid the minimum
> amount by UK law that employers are obliged to pay. And I thought,
> perhaps I should start praying. And considering I'm not really
> religious, I really felt that yes, perhaps finding Jesus.. not Jesus
> but you know, some kind of internal saviour operating independently
> from any religion,... maybe I should give it a go? A saviour might
> help even if it is a delusion of some kind. I'm laughing really.
> Really. Yes.
> Look, sorry for the stupid words but after a day at work in vocal
> silence, the longest conversation I had consisted of maybe three
> sentences (rest of the conversations consisted of maximum three
> grunts), my brain goes gaga (with a pinch of salt on my tongue
> (pressed softly - not firmly) in my cheek).
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