[NetBehaviour] 20 Abandoned Drafts 2011/01/14 - 2011/02/09

James Morris jwm.art.net at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 23:27:23 CET 2011

i wish i was a serious future until the cows come home moo Hi, So I've
not done any audio stuff for a few months and my Gentoo install was
out of date and I had felt weary about updating it and so I install
Arch. I got my nice new Arch system up and running, XFCE, Xorg, and
the Nouveau kernel driver for my Nvidia card. The installed kernel is So then, using AUR, I grab an RT kernel. 2.6.33 which doesn't
have the Nouveau modules. So X won't start. Has anyone - Arch users -
got the Nvidia Nouveau drivers running on an RT kernel? It's been
about a year since I compiled a kernel and I've stopped using Gentoo
and moved to Arch. art is a cul-de-sac best served red those who can
do those who can't, teach, those who can't teach, can't teach. I'm
currently using XFCE in Arch Linux. I a little bit peeved that right
clicking on the desktop does not bring up the application menu like
how I had it working when I was using Gentoo Linux. It should be
simple enough to do, it's an easily accessible setting, it just
doesn't seem to be working. But instead when I right-click the
desktop, I can open the "File Manager"  to view ~/Desktop, or I can
open a terminal and have the command line land in ~/Desktop. Neither
are overly useful. It might possibly be that being able to do these
things arose from the functionality the software design provided,
perhaps. Other not very useful items in the desktop menu are the
ability to create the dreaded "Launcher" (by hunting down an
executable in /usr/bin via an "Open File" dialog), or an empty file
via the empty file template (!?), or a link to a web page (URL), and
various file folder items. The "Desktop Settings" item is perhaps the
most sensible of these. Right down the bottom is what I actually want
- the applications menu. prompted my river of fresh teflon tasted
quest ignore the stupid ref perform play over death request stillage
of breath I don't think this necessarily applies just to art and the
art world. Can anyone tell me what avahi is useful for? Well over ten
years ago I used to have a lot of fun with Windows 3.1, a Turtlebeach
Tropez+ soundcard with a whopping 12mb of ram for samples, and a
really early edition of Cakewalk. I used to use the edit thingy, and I
could set up LFO's which modulated LFO's which triggered sample
position-reset, I could set envelopes and stuff, and I can't ****ing
well do it now. Yes there's Linux sampler. Qsampler crashes and
gigedit is useless. ****. Specimen would be exactly what I need if the
envelope editing wasn't so bloody ****. I couldn't give a **** about
those bloody stupid phat sliders, tell me how many milliseconds, show
me the shape of the envelope. Let me edit the ****ing thing in a way
that makes sense. Say I take a program which I want to apply a few
non-trivial modifications (but none so non-trivial that I can't use
the existing code) and I do this and get under way with it and
eventually I come to realise there's some aspects of the code which
deserve some quite serious frowning over. I don't do anything about it
however as I don't want to dig that deep yet, I just want to get the
modifications done (modifications which do take the program in a
partially different direction). In this case, yes it's clearly a fork,
but then some time later I can't resist tearing it all up and
reassembling it. It's this second part which I think is not so clear
as to how much it is a fork of the original. Imagine an old GTK
application written in C, many files thousands of lines long. You find
data structures defined and partially implemented in struct1.h and
struct1.c, but there's also implementation of struct1 in structa
(which is to be considered higher up in the hierarchy). So off I go
and start tidying up the mess and come across other areas which could
be treated as separate data structures into separate files. By this
time I'm going to be pretty intimate with the code and how the program
works, after all I've reworked the entire thing. Some of  headers are
looking pretty untidy with the copyrights of the original coder from
several years past who probably wouldn't recognize it as their own.
Woops I deleted it. Thanks Dave. Glad you liked it.
If a synth has independant LFOs and independant ADSRs (ie you can
choose which one of them to use for a specific function) what is the
term for the other way, where there is one LFO dedicated to pitch
modulati I've started to fork Specimen. I contacted eric at zhevny dot
com about it earlier this week but who's not replied. I've noticed in
Specimen that a function named log_amplitude introduces quite apparent
artefacts to the audio. Looking in the code it uses a look up table
with 256 float entries. A comment says "convert a floating-point
linear amplitude value to its logarithmic equivalent". Here's the LAT:
Which C maths library routine would I replace it with if I wanted to
generate a larger table or stop using a LAT altogether? Then again,
might I want to dispense with that method all together? I tested with
a sine wave and a slow attack/release linear ADSR. Just a note to say
I've never set up a mailing list before. So, if you think there's
something wrong with it let me know and I'll see what I can do. Also,
I've setup my github account to send the list an email whenever I
commit to the repo. This keeps you informed, and saves me writing an
email.  Hope this is ok. I'm not fussy about things like CC ARE YOU
strong feelings about changing the GUI? I'm not a big fan of the PHAT
widgets. And I'd rather know exactly what frequency the LFO is
oscillating at and exactly how long the decay stage of the ADSR lasts,
etc. Any thoughts? misc ------ basic web page up:
http://petri-foo.sourceforge.net/ GUI changes ---------------- I keep
thinking about the GUI. I dislike how I don't know exactly how many
times a second the LFO will oscillate, and I dislike how I don't know
exactly how long the ADSR stages last. I don't know what to change it
to however. Any thoughts?cd JamesMorris make clean ./configure
--disable-ego --enable-wealth
make if only.

: http://jwm-art.net/

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