[NetBehaviour] A History of Sound Art

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Thu Feb 10 10:45:08 CET 2011

A History of Sound Art

Composed and Arranged by J Milo Taylor
Mixed by Joel Cahen

London-based sound artist Joel Cahen discusses his ongoing project Wet 
Sounds, underwater audio installations that exploit the sounds 
properties of water. Cahen introduces his new underwater installation, 
which will be staged at Temple Cowley Pools on Sunday 13 February at 4.30pm.

An engaging sound collage presenting an unique historical documentation 
of Sound Art from the early 20th century to the present day, the 
composition weaves through different sound works throughout the century 
with narratives and ideas from some of the prominent artists in the 
field. It is an insightful retrospective into the craft of sound and its 
development as an artistic practice, from Edison's first sound film in 
1895 to today. Commissioned by Newtoy.

Supported by Oxford Brookes University, Oxford City Council and the PRS 


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