[NetBehaviour] 'Scapes' by Squidsoup. (UK)

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Thu Feb 10 10:47:45 CET 2011

'Scapes' by Squidsoup.

11. Feb - 5. Mar 11 / begins tomorrow Tenderpixel Gallery

Wed-Sat 1-7pm

Privateview: 10. Feb, 6-8pm

Tenderpixel is pleased to present ‘Scapes’, a new installation by media 
arts collaborative Squidsoup. Created by Anthony Rowe, Gareth Bushell, 
Chris Bennewith, Liam Birtles and Alexander Rishaug, ‘Scapes’ conjures 
into being three-dimensional cities, landscapes and abstract 
architectures purely from sound, software and light. Chimaera-like 
visions of ephemeral spaces are created and destroyed in real-time. They 
occupy physical space, but only fleetingly. They leave nothing behind 
when they, and the sounds that spawned them, vanish.

‘Scapes’ is a new project part commissioned by Tenderpixel. Tuned 
software and specifically designed sounds are used to generate a series 
of abstract landscapes visualised on a bespoke room-sized 3-D grid of 
lights controlled in real-time. As the sounds are played through 
speakers and picked up with microphones, the visual process can be 
interacted with - intercepted, corrupted and altered by visitors making 
their own sounds to interfere with the original audiovisual designs.

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